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Adding Accent Plants to Landscaping in Arizona

Your landscaping is the first thing people see when they arrive at a commercial business or residential property. It’s important to keep your landscaping well maintained to make a good impression for your guests.

There are a lot of different things you can do to elevate your yard. One way to take your landscaping up a notch is to add accent plants.

Accent plants in Arizona

What are Accent Plants?

Accent plants are plants that attract the eye and make your landscaping ‘pop’. They add contrast to the other plants in your yard, which creates perfect harmony and balance.

You can use them in small gardens or large plots of land.

Accent plants in Arizona

Typically, people use these plants to draw attention to a specific area, such as stairs or an entryway.

These plants can range from trees and shrubs to small flowers all depending on the landscape design you’re working with.

Common Accent Plants in Arizona

There are a variety of accent plants you can choose to enhance your yard. You want to keep in mind the current style of landscaping you have and the climate you live in when selecting your plants.

These plants should be complementary to your other plants. Living in Arizona, you will from a variety of desert plants.

In Arizona, some popular accent plant examples include,

  • Grasses

  • Aloes and Agaves

  • Ocotillo

  • Desert Milkweed

  • Weeping Bottlebrush

  • Ladyslipper

  • Yucca

Accent plants in Arizona

These desert accent plants will create the perfect Arizona landscape.

How to Use Accent Plants

Depending on various factors such as size and color of your accent plants, you can place only or add them to a group of other plants. Small accent plants are great to use in groups to look fuller or make one point stand out.

Large plant or accent plants that have distinct features such as bold color or unique shapes should stand alone and act as a focal point in your landscape.

Accent plants in Arizona

You also want to make sure to place complementary plants together. You want your plants to all work together to create an appealing visual.

You don’t have two plants near each other that are from different regions, this will throw off the unity in your landscape. Placing complementary plants next to each other will also be easier when maintaining your landscape.

Adding accent plants into your landscape can really enhance the beauty of your yard. They create a strong first impression and visual appeal to your property.

Accent plants in Arizona

Schedule a consultation with us today if you want to improve your landscape.

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