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Wood Burning Pizza Ovens in Phoenix 

Outdoor wood burning Pizza ovens can be a fun item to add to the outdoor kitchen. Wood burning pizza ovens usually are built from kits. The kits are shipped to us in Phoenix and then its our job to construct the structure. Even though the traditional old-world wood burning pizza oven is the most popular to our clients. Some clients want gas installed in there for an easy start to the process. We work hand in hand with the licensed gas plumber in our network who is familiar with the system we use and will make sure everything fits perfectly. Space for the oven is crucial. The oven kits usually range from 32”-42” with 32”-36” being standard. The process of building the structure with CMU block rebar and footings will not be an overnight one. It will be built so strong you could also use it as a doomsday bunker, HA! The curing process can take 1 guy up to 8 hours. We must take the heat up and down throughout the day. There is one day alone just in the curing process. Constantly checking the temperatures with a temp reading device. Now the fun part. Lets make pizza! Who doesn’t like pizza? Well everyone is hungry and ready to eat..... I have witnessed dozens of pizzas one after the other made in 45 seconds to one minute! Imagine that, cranking out 10”-12” round pizzas as quick as they go in. Be sure to ask Ground Zero Landscape and Construction LLC the possibilities and incorporation of a wood burning pizza oven for your new outdoor kitchen. Be sure to include it in the landscape design if its something that you will want to in the future. Sit back relax and enjoy your new outdoor living environment and outdoor kitchen. Forrrgeeetttabbbouuuttt itttttt!

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