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How does a 3-year warranty on all workmanship sound? Ask our competitors to guarantee theirs for the same amount time.  Ground Zero is held to a higher standard of paver installation than the average licensed contractor. That is right! When you are looking for paver or any type of hardscape paver installation Chad Bennett holds a national accreditation that goes above and beyond the state requirements by the registrar of contractors of Arizona. Chad is ICPI certified which is Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute Member and is also A Certified Concrete Paver Installer! He is held to using certain materials in the subbase compaction equipment, depths, edge restraints and more. Whether we get the job or not, do not let your pavers get installed on “minus material” or decomposed granite!!! A hardscape job is much like a paint job. All the important work is unseen and, in the prep, and subbase. This is also the easiest place for competition to cut corners. Ask about the installation process, know the materials and steps being taken then compare them to the paver manufacturers guidelines. All reputable paver manufactures adhere to the guidelines set forth by the ICPI. 


HOW MUCH COOLER IS Scottsdale landscape TRAVERTINE job VERSE Scottsdale landscape CONCRETE PAVER job?

HOW MUCH COOLER IS A COOL DECK in a Fountain Hills Landscape VERSE Fountain Hills Landscape TRAVERTINE job?

Of course, there is many of ways you can switch these two throughout all the different flooring products making them interchangeable and coming up with a different answer. Depending on the product sales rep, you talk to, right? There are so many factors that can play into this. Color of product, obviously darker the color the hotter it will be. Shade on the product verse the outside temp, direct sunlight etc. The phoenix landscape market is saturated with all different types of decking. Depending on the usage and time of year one may be better than another. Most of all its going to come down to aesthetics. People want a look while maintaining functionality.


Study shows that at 108 degrees in the phoenix sun a neutral color Travertine will be 115 degree on the surface temp.

Cool Deck will register at 118 degrees. 

A concrete paver will register at 138-140 degrees. 

Marbella stone will be the same as the outside temperatures.

Artistic Paver will be about 120 degrees to 122 degrees. 

More things to consider when deciding on your pool deck the type of pool you have. Saltwater pools will eat away at natural stones much faster than other products. Not to worry if you think Acrylic Deck is right for you Chad Bennett holds a certification from XCEL Surfaces and is also a certified applicator for them. Check out the Concrete and Phoenix Cool Deck Systems tab for more information. 

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