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In Ground Trampolines in Phoenix, Arizona

Ground Zero can transform and beautify your landscape in a number of ways. An upcoming trend in the AZ area that clients have been loving lately is our in ground trampoline installations. 


An appealing way to boost your aesthetics and add some entertainment to your yard is our in ground trampoline design.


If you’ve been thinking about installing a trampoline on your Phoenix property, let us explain why you should do it with Ground Zero Landscaping.


How Do In Ground Trampolines Work?


They may look perplexing, but a standard, 8ft in ground trampoline isn’t as complicated to install as you might think.  

First, Ground Zero will consider the size and diameter of the hole that needs to be dug. Based on how large or small you want your in ground trampoline, the adequate size is normally an 8ft in ground trampoline.

You’re going to want to get under your in ground trampoline regularly, whether it is for maintenance or other reasons, so having the ability to get your hands or a tool between the frame and ground is paramount in lifting the trampoline and gaining access to the pit.

After you’ve guaranteed access, you’ll have to consider whether or not you want your in ground trampoline to have a net surrounding the edges for added safety. If so, keep in mind that a net will add several inches to your in ground hole so widening your hole will be necessary in the beginning.

After the hole is dug to your exact size and liking, Ground Zero will add a retaining wall of stone or concrete in order to secure the hole and properly install the edges keeping the in ground trampoline together.

Throughout the entire in ground trampoline installation process, Ground Zero will take the important factors into consideration such as ventilation and drainage so that your next in ground trampoline can perform to its fullest extent.

In Ground Trampoline vs. Above Ground


Installing an in ground Trampoline is a VERY complicated process  due to the below ground placement. Professional excavation and a reinforced retaining wall are vital to the functionality and lifespan of your trampoline.  This is not something a homeowner should try to tackle themselves!




If your top priority is the presentation of your yard, in ground trampolines are a perfect option to add contemporary aesthetics to your landscape. An in ground trampoline is the sleek and modernized version of an above-ground trampoline design, and fun for friends and families of all ages.


You can add an in ground trampoline with Ground Zero to boost your yard’s overall appearance and entertain your guests whenever they visit your humble abode.




Most trampoline accidents happen when a child or adult jump off the trampoline and fall to the ground at an elevated speed. When it comes to in ground trampolines, individuals have more freedom entering and exiting the space safely without having to worry about falling off at an elevated height or tripping over any ladders that above-ground trampolines require.


Best In Ground Trampolines




The height that one can achieve with an above-ground trampoline is obviously higher than an in ground trampoline, since the above-ground option is already elevated from the ground’s surface. That doesn’t necessarily mean that one option performs better than the other, but above-ground trampolines tend to provide more bounce than their in-ground counterparts.


Installation, Time, Effort, Cost


Whether you’re interested in an above-ground or in ground trampoline, both will require installation, time, effort, and cost. When it comes down to those factors combined, in ground trampolines may require longer installation and time, but it doesn’t mean that Ground Zero has to exert much more effort and slap on a progressively higher cost. 


In Ground Trampolines in Phoenix


Ground Zero encourages you to go with our in ground trampoline installation services because in the end, you’ll be more satisfied with the look, safety and performance of an in ground trampoline for you and your guests. You’re going to spend money enhancing your yard either way, but at least Ground Zero guarantees to get your next project done with Integrity, Trust, Relationships, Innovation and Performance.


Ground Zero Landscape has been building dreams from the ground up since 2017.

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