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Artificial Grass Installation in Phoenix

So many benefits to Artificial Turf and Putting Greens. Studies show that even though the initial upfront cost may seem high, the artificial turf will pay for itself and you will get a return on your investment when you are not watering, fertilizing and paying for lawn maintenance within the first 5 years (varies depending on water costs and sizes of lawns). Keep in mind that the turf will come in a roll that is usually 15’ wide much like carpet. So, the more curves and shapes you have the more wasted material you may have also. Being that the trending landscape designs in the Phoenix AZ market are all linear we don’t see as much free form for the time being. More clients are getting more bang for their buck! 

Artificial Turf for Pets of Phoenix AZ 

Pets, our fury little friends! We are asked frequently if the turf is harmful to pets. No, it is not. However, YES!! It will be extremely hot for them in the summer heat. This is a nylon material that will get blazing hot. I always tell clients that a pet is more times than not; going to avoid the turf area if it is hot. They want to be up under the patio on the new travertine or paver patio out of the sun. However, we can add sprinklers to the area to cool down the artificial turf as well. However, this goes against the sustainability practice. It is up to you these are your kids and you choose how you want us to approach this!

Also, we use a pet friendly infill with larger or multiple pet homes. This infill is designed to absorb the urination smell and odor of your animal. Most hardware stores are also selling things to wash down the artificial turf with. Simply Green and some other cleaners will help Be sure to let our representative know that you want a pet infill. Now you see why we ask so many questions in the initial consultation 😊

We can also add padding under the turf area for an upgraded charge which will help for fall protection for the little ones. Please be sure to ask about these types of upgrades. Although it is uncommon some children must be very careful from falling or bruising. So, Safety first!


For the PGA pro, the avid golfer, the club thrower, or the kids putting greens are a great way to entertain. Whether getting outside to enjoy the phoenix weather or some family time we can design a putting green to your wish. Maybe TPC Scottsdale, you want to create the 16th hole? We can add bunkers to your project the sky is the limit. Fringe heights and colors can all be chosen as well. Be sure to let us know what you want in your new Ground Zero Landscape Design! 

Types of Turf We Install

Artificial Turf Installs Throughout Phoenix Area

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