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Artificial Turf Care & Maintenance Procedures

Artificial Turf Installation Surprise AZ

Artificial Turf is different from natural grass, this means that it does not need any kind of traditional maintenance. Those with artificial turf can save money and prolong the life of their synthetic turf by practicing the following tips & tricks.

Artificial Turf Maintenance Tips

  • Keep The Grass Clean & Free Of Debris & Pet Waste

  • Scheduled Brushing On A Regular Basis Keeps The Turf Blades Upright

  • Contact Ground Zero Landscape/ Manufacturer In The Event Of A Problem

Artificial Turf requires yearly maintenance to keep it looking its best and to ensure a long lifespan. Generally after installation there is a minimum of 15 days to stabilize the synthetic turf area. This stabilization period is dependent on a variety of factors. This includes conditions where the turf is located, the quality of the turf and the intended use of the turf area.

Artificial Turf Installation Tempe AZ

Stubborn Stain Removal | Cleaning Synthetic Turf

Synthetic Lawns need to be kept clean. Dust particles, dirt and pollen can accumulate quickly on the surface. Rainfall/water negatively affects synthetic grass as well, this is why water cannot be used to clean it.

Make sure to be conscious of stains and spots that appear on artificial grass. Stains are easier to remove when they are caught early on.

For the best results, use a green bio cleaner on any stains or spots uncovered. For removing liquid stains, mix one tablespoon to one pint of water of household detergent. Detergents that are PH’d at 9 or below 5 should be avoided (bleach, chlorine etc.)

What about sticky stains that accumulate on the lawn including tree sap, melted sugar and the like? For these messes, try mixing a 3% Ammonia solution to get rid of stains.

Stain & Waste Management

  • Oil Based Stains: Dry cleaning solutions work best for oil based stains. Try mineral spirits to remove things like chewing gum, cooking oil, etc.

  • Animal Waste: Let the waste completely dry before disposing of it. Most artificial lawn is resistant to solid waste. However, it’s important to keep up with cleaning as animal waste can stain or cause your turf to smell.

  • Mineral Deposit: A solution of distilled water and vinegar mixed evenly 1:1 should be applied to the grass.

  • Chewing Gum: Remove sticky gum by using the freezing process. There are a variety of aerosol refrigerants that can be used to freeze the gum.

  • Oil Based Paints: These are very difficult to remove from fake grass. We recommend contacting a specialized professional like Ground Zero Landscape to develop a solution.

  • Weeds: Spray a highly concentrated solution of saline water on the area with the weeds to get rid of them.

Brushing Artificial Grass

Desert Landscape Design style project in Scottsdale AZ

Keep in mind that when artificial turf is installed, it will require some upkeep. This usually involves brushing the infill or envirofill into the turf system. This periodic maintenance keeps the turf from compacting and redistributes the infill evenly allowing for proper footing and drainage.

The amount of brushing will depend on a variety of variables. High traffic areas where there is a lot of foot traffic like gathering areas, where animals lay and where outdoor furniture sits. These areas will need to be tended to more frequently. Periodic cross brushing of the turf with a Grandi Groomer Rake can help restore the lawn's aesthetic appearance.

Cross brushing is the act of brushing against the grain, nap or sweep of the turf fibers. A brush with synthetic bristles (Grandi Groomer Rake) should be used for this process. Never use a brush with wire bristles as it will destroy the integrity of your artificial turf fibers.

Protecting Artificial Turf From Damage

Artificial Turf Landscape Design and Installation Peoria AZ

Synthetic turf is very durable and resistant to harsh conditions. Precautions and good practices will go a long way when it comes to prolonging the life of your lawn.

Make sure to watch out for hot equipment like tree trimmers, leaf blowers, and other yard upkeep tools that heat up. These can cause your lawn to melt or dissolve so be conscious of where these get set down during use.

Cigarettes and fireworks should be avoided. Both can cause burn holes, melting and fusing of the lawn fibers. Watch out for sharp objects near your lawn. Whether it’s carrying in appliances or arranging outdoor furniture, make sure not to rip the turf with a sharp edge.

It's important to report any problem encountered with your artificial turf immediately. Minor problems can become major issues if left untreated. Some companies will even offer a maintenance plan to perform upkeep and address these issues throughout the year.


Proper lawn care and maintenance not only enhances the longevity of the turf but it will keep your lawn looking great. When it comes to yard designs in Phoenix & Scottsdale, Arizona, most designs will use turf.

It doesn't matter if you call it artificial turf, fake grass, synthetic turf or artificial lawn. The Ground Zero Landscape company is here to help. We’ll answer any questions you may have and provide the proper maintenance & care that your lawn deserves.

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