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So many things to think about with such something as simple as a gate. Things to consider most importantly are…..

Will you be building a pool? Is there a pool being built? If you answered yes to wither of these, then we need to make sure your gate is to POOL CODE and has self-closing latches and opens from the inside out. This will also have to be a minimum of 5’ tall and no climbable space. So, the iron pickets in the gate will need to be spaced apart closer. Think about if you have small fury kids, that may want to slip through the pickets on the iron fence. Let’s space them closer together. Are you in an area that has a high population of coyotes? Let’s make it safer build to keep predators out. What is the elevation of the current native grade? Do we need to remove dirt? Add dirt? Build masonry columns? So many things to think about and not to overwhelm you, If I haven’t already, but let the pros from Ground Zero give you a free consultation for your new landscape design!

The same thing goes for when you are doing double gates or any perimeter gate for that matter. Think long term, it is much more cost effective to do it once and do it right when planning your new Phoenix landscape design. The sky is literally the limit on the amount you can spend. There are so many scrolls and tops and metal pieces that can be entered etc. the best thing to do is find something you like online or on this website HA! Have some pictures ready to show your landscape design consultant. This will help pus give you a more accurate bid until a plan is done and approved by you. Then we can send it to production.

 Be sure to have a color in mind. Standard Colors are White, Tan, Black. We can primer, primer and paint, powder coat or the most popular and trending way, LET IT RUST! Yep, let it patina and rust it is a trending landscape design.

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