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Low voltage outdoor lighting solutions 

Make the Most of Your Outdoor Living Space with artistic and well-designed backyard landscape lighting ideas 


Brighten-up the Party Nights 

High temperatures make indoor entertainment, gatherings, and parties a huge turn-off in Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Arizona's adjoining areas for the most part of the year. A nighttime activity is a natural solution. All you need is professionally designed and lit backyard landscape design by Ground Zero Landscape and Construction to make your house party a glittering success. 


Reflect Radiance for Joy 

A creatively designed backyard landscape lighting solution does more than just enhance the beauty of your landscape. It also helps you set the tone for your entertainment, weaving a fairy take effect and highlighting the most beautiful parts of your open-air setting. While giving it an ambiance that can be controlled from your Iphone. One of our systems has the ability to control each light functions individually. You can dim them and change the color on each light. It’s a great look for the holidays and special themed parties as well.    

Extend Your Outdoor Entertainment and Living Space 

Having properly installed outdoor boundary wall lighting and other prominent features of your landscape design in phoenix and surrounding cities, we will provide a depth and a larger vision that creates the effect of inclusivity for your outdoor space as an extension of your living space. Low Voltage Lighting will help your functions be safer and allow for longer quality time under the Desert Skies.  

Low Voltage Lighting Installation Scottsdale AZ  

Security Affordably 

Perimeter low voltage lighting solution in Arizona will help you provide an extra layer of security to your boundaries within your budget. We secure landscapes in Phoenix and surrounding areas. With low voltage lighting solutions like Ground Zero Landscape and Construction, we save electricity as well as your utility bills.  


Cost-Effective Solution  

With our low voltage outdoor lighting systems in Phoenix and Scottsdale, AZ, you can get an affordable lighting solution and keep admiring the exquisiteness of your landscaping and enjoying your parties when you keep the lights on till late into the night.  


Customized Lighting Solutions 

Our customized outdoor lighting solutions for your backyard, lawn and perimeter include:  

  • Backyard lighting design 

  • Garden and landscape custom lighting  

  • Pool lighting system 

  • Perimeter lighting solutions 

  • Best Warranty 

  • Tree Lighting 

  • Wall lighting  

  • Security Lighting 

  • Moon Lighting  

  • Dimming Capabilities 

  • Color changing capabilities 


Products and Fixtures 

We use only the highly rated, industry-leading FX Luminaire products and fixtures for landscape designs. Whether in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Anthem, Cave Creek, Peoria, Goodyear, Queen Creek, Mesa it doesn’t matter we install the best and most durable low voltage and architectural lighting.  Our state-of-the-art technology makes use of digital lighting controls, complete with Zoning, dimming and color adjustment options.  

  • LED bulbs for landscape lighting enhance the beauty and accentuate the existing features 

  • Spotlights, Pathway lights, globes, wall sconces for better security   

  • Motion sensor, induction, and halogen floodlight system for larger areas 

  • Waterproof Bullets and spotlights for focused areas


Moon Lighting low voltage tree lights great option for driveways with trees Phoenix AZ 

Our Process 

Initial Design 

Surveying your backyard space, our designer highlights the areas for focused lighting and other fixtures and makes a creative lighting plan. We may also add or subtract lights during the design process. It is important to tell us what your primary functions of your outdoor living space will be. Curb appeal added security and safety or just to entertain and light up the great accent features of your new landscape design Low Voltage Lighting is the icing on the cake.   


Certified Lighting Designer Chad Bennett Ground Zero Landscape and Construction LLC 

Chad Bennett Certified Luxor Lighting Specialist  


Outdoor Transformer 

To power the entire outdoor lighting system, a high quality, risk-free transformer is installed outside, which is the core of your lighting system. Backed by a 10year warranty and built to withstand the hot AZ temperatures it will be the computer of the system. Depending on the one you get there is different functions available such as programming, digital face packs, zone dimming and color changing lighting capabilities.  

Clusters & Grouping 

Light clusters are grouped into zones varying from 3 – 6 fixtures, with an individual wire running through each zone. We offer best warranty for our fixtures and installs.  

Protective Wiring 

We use waterproof landscape lighting wire splice to protect your electrical connections. Safe wiring is imperative to minimize the risk of corrosion and conductivity and loss of electric current which slashes your ills significantly. Our lock tight gel filled connectors are above and beyond the industry standards.  

Enjoy a safe and secure outdoor lighting system in Arizona that lasts for decades 

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