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Our History and Legacy in the Making

Ground Zero was formed by Chad and allows him to use his passion and skill to do what he loves. Ground zero is where a lot of clients want to start with a new outdoor project!  Although all types of projects are welcomed, new or old. Rejuvenate is the tag word Chad chose because everything needs new life once in a while. Rejuvenation is not only good for the skin but for the soul. Chad can relate to this, because his life started over at ground zero. This is the name and legacy that he wants to leave to his daughter, Meadow, one day. 


Everything Chad works for now, is for the longevity of the company being built. 3 years into the Phoenix Landscape market Ground Zero’s reputation for Integrity - Trust - Relationships - Innovation - Performance is backed by partnerships built with satisfied clients and successful projects and backed by reviews and testimonials. That, along with excellent and beneficial partnerships with the landscape industries biggest vendors!

It is not about the quick sale for Chad. It is not about selling you a product that is cheaper just to get you to sign a contract. Chad is going to be the guy that is honest with you throughout your project and tells you what you need to know. He is going to be the leader that might have to inform you during the first consultation that where you want the proposed Pergola to be built is against the city building code. He also will be the guy that will contemplate and be a “solutionist” to get you what you want and where you want it. Maybe during the consultation, you will hear him inform you of a cost you have not budgeted for. Things like grading and drainage are commonly forgotten by homeowners. City permits, blueprints and design services sometimes may not be included in your budget. What about the biggest one of all, the engineering cost? Custom Ramada engineering can be upwards of $1200.00 to $3000.00. 

Whatever it is, he is there to educate you and guide you in the right direction. Even if it means not taking a job. Sometimes it is knowing that work will not be approved due to a city building set back or HOA approval. 22 years into his career, Chad has learned painfully, that sometimes you just have to walk away. You are not going to win every job that you bid. Some people will be willing to cut corners that we are not willing to cut.  

Integrity - Trust - Relationships - Innovation - Performance. Ground Zero Landscape and Construction symbolizes every one of those 5 words used. We look forward to building a partnership and collaborating with you on your new outdoor living space. We thank you for the opportunity and for your help in building part of our legacy.

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