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Drainage and Rain Gutter Installation Phoenix

If there is one thing I can promise you about the desert I have called home for over 30 years of my life is the following: WHEN IT RAINS IT RAINS! One thing that is so commonly overlooked is drainage on properties. The new build homes I am seeing are starting to pay a lot closer attention to drainage these days. Most properties are designed to go from the back yard to the front yard out to the street then down to the storm drains etc. Some properties have washes designated to get the water out. Even though we are dry and in the desert, do not take drainage lightly! I repeat DO NOT take drainage lightly. 

As a licensed contractor I want to ensure your job is done right. I am looking at the longevity of your project. There are a couple simple ways to fix drainage issues.

GRADING- Make sure everything is sloping away from the house and pool if your property has one. 

RAIN GUTTERS- Check out the pictures. We install 6” seamless rain gutters throughout Arizona. Phoenix rain gutters are becoming a common thing. However, just because rain gutters are on the house doesn't mean there is not a liability for drainage issues down the road. Once the rain leaves the gutters we need to make sure that it makes it to the proper outlet and control where the water goes from there. Ground Zero Landscape and Construction will ensure that water flows where it needs to go. 

DECK DRAINS- Deco Drains, Deck Drains, you know those pieces of small plastic that are popping up in a lot of older pools? Or, the pieces you see popping up out of concrete on the way to someone's front door. Out with the old in with the new. Deco Drain now comes in a much more hardier product and bigger size. The market for deck drains is endless. There are grate sections of drains that come 3” in size and are removable for easy maintenance. 

DRAINAGE COLLECTION BOXES- Drainage collection boxes can be installed throughout a yard that has difficult areas. This will help get water at its low point and send it through drain pipe to the desired location. The challenge with these installs are making sure we can get the correct flow of water in the desired run of pipe without digging exceptional depths. 

NDX Boxes & Drainage

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