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Backyard Waterfalls Phoenix

Waterfalls, Ponds and Fountains

Integrating a waterfall or water feature into your landscape design may be difficult for some clients. Location, location, location! That’s right like good real estate Ground Zero Landscape focuses on the location you desire to have your new or remodeled water feature. It is usually a want but unsure where. There are so many things to take into consideration. What is the main objective of the waterfall? Is it to reduce noise? Nothing wrong with wanting it for nothing more than aesthetics. Or maybe you unwind at this new waterfall. It is a spot to find some peace, quiet and tranquility from the busy city. Whatever the case is Ground Zero Landscape and Construction has the knowledge and the know-how. Chad Bennett has been constructing waterfalls in the Arizona landscape market for over 20 years now. As of 202 that would make it 22 years to be exact!! 

Depending on the landscape design that is implanted, you may have a modern water feature, a contemporary water feature or maybe a natural rock waterfall that includes a pond with boulders and river rock stone. Locations could be next to a Master Bedroom window, a courtyard by the front door for some morning coffee. A back patio where everyone will gather. Maybe it is an addition to the new swimming pool. Or even an addition to the remodeled swimming pool. Or do you want it to drown out the Phoenix City noise? Ground Zero Landscape and Construction LLC is here to provide ideas for the new landscape design and make sure the process is done the right way. Ultimately, we want you to have what you want. So, if its not wrong, Ground Zero Landscape and Construction LLC is the right fit for the job! We will do it! 

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