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How To Protect Plants From Frost In Arizona

As the cold season approaches many of us are worried about our plants that we worked so hard to grow. You probably find yourself wondering how to best prevent frost killing plants you put time and effort into all year.

There are a variety of factors that you must consider when deciding which method will work best for you such as how many plants you have, what kind of plants they are, and what the climate is like where you live.

Depending on the plant, there are a few different options that you may be able to try out to keep your plants alive through the winter and spring frost.

Some easy preventative measures are keeping up with the Arizona weather forecast so you can be aware of any potential frost dates and be proactive about protecting your plants.

What plants can survive a freeze?

One of the easiest ways you can prevent frost damage to your plants is to research and plant frost-proof plants in your garden.

Some of the most common frost-proof plants includes:

● Pansies

● Hosta

● Primrose

● Siberian Iris

● Lily-of-the-Valley

Will Watering Prevent Frost Damage?