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Phoenix Masonry & Stone Services

Icing on the cake! More like STONE on the project. Whether your newly remodeled backyard landscape project is in Peoria or Scottsdale Stonework makes a project show out so well. Our team has highly skilled masons who specialize in stonework from river rock pieces to ledge panels. The popular Travertine stone look is in style on homes from Gilbert to Goodyear AZ. 

Depending on what stone you may choose or want the things to think about are simple ones. If you have a circular fire pit, try to use a stone that is not a ledge panel. It bis hard to cut up a piece that maybe 24” long by 6” high and get it to fit a round a circular fire pit without chopping it up and having a ton of cuts in it, make sense? Or, if you are doing some nice columns on a ramada maybe those 24”x 6” panels would be perfect on the columns.

Stone manufacturing has grown exponentially over the past 20 years. There is over 300 different types of stone to choose from. Some fake, some real natural stones. We will price our bids with the most popular entry level stones. For more specific stones be sure to let us know. Please also keep in mind that the stone will need a cap where the top is finished. On a fire pit it can be a natural stone product such a flagstone or more popular travertine.

However, the front of a home, or column in will need a cap. Check to see if the stone for your project has a cap stone. The hardscape design of your front yard or backyard remodel may or may not include stonework. It is an added feature or cost but gives the new phoenix landscape design project a great enhancement.

Be sure to let Ground Zero Landscape and Construction, LLC your budget so we can figure out if there is room for stone on your project! 

Stone Samples

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