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meet the co-captain MEADOW

Believe it or not this kind little humble human being is a HUGE part of the reason that Ground Zero Landscape and Construction excels in the Phoenix Landscape Market. You will probably see her with dad holding a tape measure, taking some job site photos, answering his phone, jotting down some notes or just chopping up conversation with you. You would think she is his assistant. Well she is the Co- Captain and one thing is for certain, all 4’5” of her packs a pretty confident punch. 

Meadow has been featured all over the tube. She is actually an actress and you may have recently seen her on the new Arizona Boardwalk Aquarium commercial. Yep that is her in the yellow shirt!


National Airings of the TARGET spring run and done campaign commercials!


Even in the Spanish version!


She has been the main star of the Peter Piper Pizza Karate Girl!


Check out her AVG Security


Now if you’re a fan of the ROCK, well then you have had to have seen her on the first season of the TITAN GAMES on NBC TELEVISON in the Metro PCS commercial where she pulls her father (on set acting father) up a hill in a Red Wagon!


Her biggest commercial campaign by far was when she played the child version of WONDER WOMAN for Warner Bros and DC comics SUPERHERO GIRLS cartoon show!!!!! Meadow was not the voice over but was used as the child WONDER WOMAN to promote the new cartoon series!


Mercedes Benz industrial commercial and use, Eat Smart Salad social media campaigns and Calico Toys.


She is on the new Disney Plus streaming app HIT SERIES Diary of a Female President. Episode well watch season one and catch Meadow in the classroom doing some goofy stuff! 

She also is the Master of Ceremonies for the Phoenix Valley Child Court Advocate programs CASA KIDS!!! Where she snags the microphone and stands on stage in front of the Gala Awards Show and introduces some pretty big hitters like Sherriff Paul Penzone! WOW what a special group and bunch of volunteers that is. If you just moved here and are looking for a charity to help CASA KIDS is heartwarming. 

Well without going on and on about her on screen successes just know her acting career is well on the way. When she is not on the set of her next show or commercial, she loves spending quality time with her family, her little baby sister, her massive German Shepard, 

friends, the Colorado River, Hawaii, Beaches of SoCal, Hollywood, or at the Cabin. She dances takes acting classes, goes to school, loves to work out and is very athletic (we will credit that one to dad). She loves Deep Sea Fishing and is a HUGE fand of the CRIMSON TIDE of Tuscaloosa Alabama! ROLL TIDE ROLL!  She cannot wait to get back into Bryant Denny (Covid19) for her next Bama game! 

Meadow loves the Arcadia Landscape Remodels the best. She loves the big front yard landscapes and the really big sized lots of the Phoenix community. She also likes the landscapes renovations that Ground Zero has installed in Scottsdale Arizona. She loves Scottsdale Landscape Designs. When it comes to new track home developments Queen Creek new home landscape installations are her favorite!

Why? Cause she sees a lot of horses and farms (cowgirl at heart)! The kid knows her stuff. Check out her commercials by clicking the links below.

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