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Best Practices For Gardening In Arizona

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

Arizona receives numerous days of sunshine, making the outdoors a prime hangout spot. This is why we install outdoor kitchens, outdoor entertainment spots, fire pits & beautiful landscaping accents to grow seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Fruits and vegetables from the garden don’t taste like your run-of-the-mill grocery store finds. They are much more flavorful and unique. Although it's not always realistic to grow everything that you eat, it is always a treat to grow what you can.

Gardening In The Desert

It's a common occurrence for towns in Arizona to have sandy, tough soil from the daily heat & sunshine. When incorporating plants into a landscaping design, understand that plants will need lots of attention. Plants will require additional nutrients to thrive and make it to the fruiting/flowering stage in Arizona.

What Are Plant Nutrients?

Plant nutrients are essentially plant food, or at least what the plant absorbs from plant food. Just like a human will absorb nutrients from the food they eat, plants need nutrients to live. Plant nutrients help to stimulate plant growth, increase crop yields and create happy healthy plants.

There are lots of different types of fertilizers for plants growing outside including both organic fertilizers and synthetic fertilizers.

Since plants cannot absorb nutrients as an element, they extract nutrition from compounds. This includes elements like nitrate or ammonium for nitrogen, sulfate for sulfur or phosphate for phosphorus. Fertilizers supply compounds that are best absorbed by plants for maximum nutrition.

Other than the major nutrients of Oxygen, Carbon and Hydrogen, primary elements are required in larger amounts for plant success. Secondary elements are needed in lesser proportions and micro nutrients are distributed in marginal quantities. However, for optimum growth and fruiting, all of these elements play a part and are necessary.

These 17 nutrients are categorized as Primary, secondary and micro nutrients based on their significance for plant growth.

Primary Elements




Nitrogen fertilizers Improve vegetative growth & imparts vigor to the turf.

Vital for chlorophyll,

synthesizing amino acids to form proteins and Regulates the uptake of other nutrients.

Paramount to root formation,

root filter to absorb nutrients,

plant development, maturity

and seed formation.

Helps form DNA, RNA and

converts sugars to hormones,

proteins and energy.

Supports stem and leaf

development. Builds immunity

and strength, prevents wilting,

promotes iron uptake and

improves size and quality of

tubers, grains and seeds.

Secondary Elements




​Important for cell wall structure

and new cell formation. Calcium

deficiency can cause weaker

stems and premature shedding

of fruits or flowers.

A key ingredient for

photosynthesis and greening of

plants. Helps activate several

plant enzymes essential to

growth and development.

Constituent of 3 amino acids.

Sulfur absorbs excessive sodium

and allows better water

absorption by the soil.

Micro Nutrients




Speeds up various biological

processes including respiration,

symbiotic fixation of nitrogen

and photosynthesis.

A necessary element of major

plant enzymes. It controls the

synthesis of indole acetic acid

which regulates growth

compounds. Also aids in the

intake and efficient use of water

Activator for enzymes in plants.

Helps absorb and utilize the

iron. Also assists the iron in

chlorophyll formation rendering

green color to the plants and

preventing yellowness of the


Landscaping Ideas | Backyard Kitchen Garden Designs

Ground Zero Landscape & Construction can help you make the most of your front yard and backyard landscaping designs. We have worked on numerous landscaping projects and are here to help your plants grow successfully.

We offer an assortment of landscaping services in Scottsdale, Arizona. We are proud to serve the surrounding cities throughout the Phoenix Valley and the state of Arizona. So whether it’s landscape design, landscaping services or backyard design ideas we have you covered. Get a hold of us today for all of your Arizona outdoor living space needs.

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