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10 Tips for Efficient Landscaping = $avings

With the uncertainty about the economy, naturally the focus is on efficiency and savings. Summer looms around the corner with its promise of higher energy and water bills. Don’t despair. You can preserve and protect the living plants of the landscape and reduce future plant replacement costs, while also saving on water and energy costs. Put your landscape to work to meet your efficiency and savings goals.

  1. Perform an irrigation system check-up before the temperature climbs.

  2. Controllers – adjust programs and test run the system to check for leaks and misdirection.

  3. Valves – Clean out valve boxes and repair leaking valves.

  4. Sprinklers – replace broken heads and check after mowing, address pressure issues like misting.

  5. Drip – Plug emitters without plants, check and clean filters by flushing them out. Make sure landscape plants and trees have enough emitters and they are appropriately-placed to water the drip line, and water to the appropriate depth for the plant.

  6. Take great care to maintain tree health, like utilizing shade for temperature reduction. Trees can easily become a liability if not maintained.

  7. Monitor trees for drought stress over the coming months.

  8. Prune trees when necessary for tree health and to reduce liability.

  9. Fertilize trees to maintain optimum health as indicated, though native and desert-adapted trees rarely need supplemental fertilization.

  10. Mulch around trees and plants to cool roots and conserve water.

It’s not too late to plant shade for a cooler microclimate to reduce temperatures on a building, fence or patio and to save on future cooling costs. Your landscape professional can suggest appropriate plants to block sun on a west-facing wall, for example.

Now, more than ever, it is important to protect your landscape investment. Your landscape professional is your partner in managing and maintaining the complex living ecosystem called your landscape, so meet with them and plan for an efficient and beautiful future.

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