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Concrete Paver Cleaners

Concrete pavers are a durable option for any exterior flooring like your courtyard patio, pool deck, driveway, or garden hardscaping area.

However, concrete is a permeable substance and requires sealing and regular cleaning to keep your pavers looking and performing exceptionally for years to come.

Whether or not you have sealed your concrete pavers, the sealants will wear over time and leave your pavers vulnerable to stains and damage.

Oil, rust, mildew and tannin spills can stain your concrete pavers if they’re not cleaned up immediately or removed properly.

Stains on your pavers will have your property looking disorganized and tacky, so to prevent this, the landscaping experts at Ground Zero have a few solutions for you.

Concrete Paver Cleaning

Ground Zero always recommends sealing your concrete pavers, but you should also understand that removing any existing stains before sealing or resealing, is especially important.

When properly maintained, concrete pavers are expected to last the life of your property which is the ideal situation that we desire for our clients.

While all stains are not created equally, the concrete paver experts from Techniseal designed a full line of paver cleaning products, each specifically formulated to battle their own particular type of concrete stain:

Pre-Seal Cleaner

Techniseal’s Pre-Seal Cleaner will prep your pavers to be sealed, as well as remove any ground-in dirt or salt-build up (efflorescence).

If your pavers are looking dull and dirty without actually having any spills from grease, oil, rust, or paint etc., Techniseal’s Pre-Seal Cleaner will gently remove any scuff marks, salt and dirt stains to brighten your concrete pavers.

Rust Remover

At one point or another, we have all moved our outdoor furniture around to discover a rusty ring on the concrete surface.

Rust looks unpleasant and grimy, so why let it sit on your pavers if you can easily get rid of it?

Techniseal’s Rust Remover for Pavers effectively dissolves any stains caused by rusted water, metal furniture, steel streaks and fertilizer granules.

Your concrete pavers won’t get damaged by Techniseal’s Rust Remover solution. Although, we recommend using their Pre-Seal Cleaner if you’re planning to remove fertilizer stains from a larger surface.

Dirt & Grease Cleaner

If you’re looking to remove barbeque grease stains from your outdoor patio or motor oil stains from your concrete driveway, Techniseal’s Dirt & Grease Cleaner for Pavers is the solution for you.

Techniseal’s Dirt and Grease Cleaner is recommended for fresh stains and sealed surfaces, as it dissolves and dislodges any grease without leaving an oily residue after rinsing.

Professional Grade Oil & Grease Remover

Grease stains that have lingered around for a while are tough to remove, however, it’s nothing that Techniseal’s Professional Grade Oil and Grease Remover can’t handle.

Techniseal’s Professional Grade Oil and Grease Remover is ideal for removing, lifting and absorbing any penetrated grease stains that are in your concrete pavers.

This high-tech Oil and Grease Remover is an industrial strength solution that doesn’t damage, discolor or require any scrubbing or rinsing after use. This solution is designed to work with any materials from pavers to concrete slabs, walls and even natural stone.

Organic Stain Remover

Sometimes, the fun gets out of control and our outdoor patios have to suffer, but that doesn’t mean that the wine, blood and/or food stains have to be permanent.

Whether your pavers are sealed or not, Techniseal’s Organic Stain Remover effectively removes any food, drink, blood, moss, mildew and/or dead leaf stains with minimal scrubbing.

Techniseal's Organic Stain Remover is our most-recommended paver cleaning solution at Ground Zero, as it works for the most common household spills besides grease.

Paint, Tar & Rubber Remover

Have you ever stepped in a piece of gum that ended up getting stuck to your patio for days, even weeks, on end?

Removing tar, rubber, paint or even chewing gum off of concrete is challenging. However, Techniseal’s Paint, Tar and Rubber Remover for Pavers makes it super easy.

This solution works for pavers, concrete slabs and masonry, to have your landscape looking fresh and good as new.

What is the Best Way to Clean Concrete Pavers?

The best way to clean concrete pavers is with the high-quality solutions from Techniseal.

Whether you have a grease spill on your patio, rust stain on your concrete porch from any outdoor metal furniture, or some leftover gum from your neighbor’s kid on your pool deck, Techniseal concrete paver cleaners are the solution to any of your outdoor spills.

To learn more about taking care of your landscaping, visit Ground Zero's blog!

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