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Phoenix Construction Services

One of the biggest challenge’s homeowners face is the design and submittal part of the project. From the Construction Blueprints of a landscape design for a place like McCormick Ranch in Scottsdale AZ or to dealing with municipalities throughout the greater landscape of Phoenix AZ. This can be challenging even for professionals like us. Knowing the verbiage, setbacks, colors, names, and identifying things like footing sizes are just some of the items HOAs, and cities alike want to know and see on a set of professionally drawn plans. 

Our team of CAD Designers and Landscape Architects can draw full 2D color blueprints to match in accordance with your city or HOA guidelines. Much like the 3D conceptual process this process is to help identify materials and locations along with dimensions of your landscape project. We do charge for any landscape blueprints and the price varies depending on the size of the project.

Unfortunately, I cannot give theses away for free. Even though some companies advertise they do, you will pay for it somewhere along the way. Nobody works for free. So here is what we do. You pay the design deposit, if you choose to use Ground Zero, we will credit you back the cost of the design deposit towards your project. If you want to get other bids the designs and or blueprints are yours to do so with released liability. We have been compensated minimally to cover our costs. We want to earn your business; we do not make money from doing design work. Therefore, we try to minimalize the cost to you!

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