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Landscape Design in Phoenix

Our 3D Conceptual Landscape Design become a huge tool for helping future clients see what they are getting. Please keep in mind the design is conceptual and even though we use the latest and most up to date design software on the market, there is still some limitations on what we can do or how perfect we can get an exact detail. With that being said: depending on the size of the project and the scope of the project we will usually charge a deposit fee for the design. I must pay my designers, software and printing costs. Unfortunately, I cannot give theses away for free. Even though some companies advertise they do, you will pay for it somewhere along the way. Nobody works for free. So here is what we do. You pay the design deposit, if you choose to use Ground Zero, we will credit you back the cost of the design deposit towards your project. If you want to get other bids the designs are yours to do so with. We have been compensated minimally to cover our costs. We want to earn your business; we don’t make money from doing design work. Therefore, we try to minimize the cost to you. 

We have thousands of previously designed projects. However, each project is different. We have never used the same design on a project twice! Our design team is an award-winning design team in both the landscape and pool industry. We also have designs in the 3D stage and actual jobs completed to show you how accurate the designs can be. Whether day or night we can provide you the conceptual looks that you need to help you visualize your new landscape or hardscape project in the greater Phoenix area. We will also be able to supply the HOA or whomever needs the visualization of the project we are proposing.

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